HILL TOP HOUSE was born to be much more than a hotel, and, it is our plan that…

HILL TOP HOUSE will be reborn as much more than a hotel.

HILL TOP HOUSE will engage, respect, restore, connect, enjoy and even create history.

HILL TOP HOUSE will be a unique, luxurious place, emotionally and purposefully set in 1888 by its founder, Thomas Lovett, atop a spectacular world-changing landmark, hallowed by blood and tears and bravery and hope... but also stained by treachery and man’s inhumanity to his brother.

HILL TOP HOUSE will be a transformative retreat, iteratively connected to the halls of power of the most important city in the world, and to all that city connects.

The HILL TOP HOUSE redevelopment project will be a sustainably commercial, double-bottom-line enterprise, a public-private partnership and a sacred trust.

SWaN & Legend Venture Partners (“SWaN”) invests in companies that are building engaging brands worthy of consumers' passions in the fields of retail products and services; technology-enabled commerce and education; food, wellness and hospitality; and sports and entertainment.

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